Day 1


Below are links to the papers and presentations using the presenter’s surname.
The presentations are prefixed with ‘pr’.

Plenary speakers:

Mark Howells –  Energy Systems

Asami Miketa – Renewable Energy prMiketa

Electricity Supply Renewables Solar Resources &  security Climate Policy
Chair: Bruno Merven Chair: George Giannkidis Chair: Gary GoldStein Chair: Maurizio Gargiulo
Redistribution Effects of Energy and Climate Policy Falko Ueckerdt, Lion Hirth

Renewables in the energy transition – Evidence on solar home systems and lighting fuel choice in Kenya Janosch Ondraczek, Jana Stoever, Jann Lay

Energy, Economic And Environmental Implications Of Unconventional Gas: A Long-Term Energy System Perspective Gabrial Anandarajah, Christophe McGlade

From Copenhagen to Cancun and Durban and the quest to establish sustainable levels of GHG concentrations Socrates Kypreos, Antti Lehtila

To what extent do infrastructure and financial sectors reforms interplay? – Evidence from panel data on the power sector in developing countries Farid Gasmiand Lika Ba

Let the sun shine: optimal deployment of photovoltaics in Germany Anna Creti, Jerome Joaug

An Industrial Economy’s Response To Declining Energy Resources David Comerford

Reducing the costs of Copenhagen climate pledges in the post-Kyoto world : the  role of  emission trading  and  revenue recycling Meriem Hamdi-Cherif, Jun Li, Christophe Cassen, Céline Guivarch

What drives green investments and innovation?  An integrated assessment of economic growth and fossil fuel resource availability
Enrica De Cian, Fabio Sferra Massimo TavoniDeCian
The effect of renewable energy in the Spanish electricity market
Maria Espinosa, Aitor Ciarreta Cristina Pizarro-IrizarEspinosa
Electricity Prices, River Temperatures and Cooling Water Scarcity
Grant McDermott, Øivind A. NilsenMcDermott
The relevance of process emissions for global carbon leakage: A comparison of unilateral climate policy options with and without border carbon adjustment
Birgit Bednar-Friedl, Thomas Schinko, Karl SteiningerBednar-Friedl

Innovation and Technology Change

Renewables Elec gen

Bio Energy


Chair: TBA Chair: Asami Miketa Chair: Forsell Niklaus Chair: Filip Johnsson
Trade-Facilitated Technology Spillovers in Energy Productivity Convergence Processes across EU Countries
Peter Mulder, Jun Wan,  Kathy BalisMulder
Southern African and Western African Power Pool Models for Capacity Building and Preliminary Analysis of the role of Renewable Electricity Generation at Country Level in a Regional Context
Bruno Merven, Dolf GielenMerven
Global Feedstock Scenarios for Bioenergy – Land-Use Change and Trade-Offs
Florian Kraxner, Eva-Maria Nordström,  Michael Obersteiner, Petr Havlik, Mykola Gusti, Georg Kindermann, Sabine Fuss, Nikolay KhabarovKraxner
Direct Air capture: a model based assessment.
Massimo Tavoni, Chen Chen
Learning Rates, Green Energy Deployment, and Feasible Climate Agreements
Shoibal Chakravarty, Eswaran SomanathanChakravarty
High-resolution modeling framework for planning electricity systems with high penetration of renewables
Andre Pina, Paulo Ferrao, Carlos SilvaPina
The Effect of Future Diet on Bioenergy Availability
Jay Gregg, Katherine Calvin, Anna HvidGregg
Potential impact of post Fukushima nuclear policy on the future role of CCS in climate mitigation scenarios in Switzerland
Nicolas Weidmann, Hal Turton, Ramachandran KannanpWeidmann
A Consumer-Producer Model for Induced Technological Progress
Francesco Ferioli, Bob van der Zwaan  Vanderzwaan   prVanderZwaan
The cost of providing electricity to Africa
Orvika Rosnes, Haakon VennemoprRosnes
Unintended Consequences of the U.S. Bioenergy Program: Tradeoffs in Global Agricultural and Energy Commodity Markets
Samuel  Evans, Dana Hoag Ronald Sands Jayson BeckmanEvans
Energy Security and Carbon Capture and Storage
Mark Howells, H. Holger RognerHowells

Electricity Supply


Bio Energy

Climate Policy

Chair: Mark Howells
The NOME Law: Some Implications for the French Electricity Market
Maria-Eugenia Sanin, Anna Creti, Jerome PouyetSani
Determinants of Renewable Energy Technology Adoption “ Evidence for Developing Countries 1980-2008
Birte PohlPohl
Importance of bioenergy markets for the development of the global energy system
Forsell Nicklas, Sandrine SelosseNicklas
Funding low-carbon investments in the absence of a carbon tax
Julie Rozenberg, Stéphane Hallegatte , Baptiste Perrissin-Fabert, Jean-Charles HourcadeRozenberg
Assessing New Contributions to the Operating Reserve An Alternative Approach to Designing and Balancing Power Systems
Manuel Welsch, Mark Howells, Morgan Bazilian,  Sebastian HermannWelsch
U.S. Attitudes to Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources: A Regression Analysis
Ogundiran SoumonniSoumonni
Bioenergy in mitigation portfolios: the role of uncertainty
Sabine Fuss, Petr Havlik, Wolf Heinrich Reuter, Aline Mosnier, Stefan Frank, Hugo ValinFus
A multi-phase model of optimal transition to global climate stabilization: R&D and irreversible tangible investments in capacity embodying low carbon and carbon free technologies, under conditions of increasingly  extreme weather-damages
Adriaan van Zon, Paul DavidvanZon

Chair: Bruno Merven