Day 2


* Below are links to the papers and presentations using the presenter’s surname. The presentations are prefixed with ‘pr’.

Plenary speakers: 

Shonali Pachuari – Access

Tom Rutherford – Methods prRutherford

Filip Johnsson – CCS


Renewables: Wind

Energy Poverty and Access

Climate Policy

Chair: Senzo Myeni Chair: Uwe Remme Chair: Shonali Pachauri Chair: Geoffrey Blanford
Probabilistic Generation Expansion Planning under Wide- Scale RES Energy Penetration
Kostas Tigas, John Mantzaris, Christos Nakos, Nikos Sakellaridis, George GiannkidisTigas


Combining Choice Experiments with Psychometric Scales to assess the social acceptability of wind energy development projects
Elisabetta Strazzera, David  Contu,  Marina MuraContu


Policies to achieve universal access to modern fuels for household cooking in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030
Yu Nagai, Shonali Pachauri, Keywan RiahiNagai


Overlapping Generation Extension of DICE-2007 Model
Andrey Polbin, Oleg LugovoyPolbin


Multi-stage stochastic optimization of a simple energy system
Joe DeCarolis, Kevin Hunter, Sarat SreepathiDeCarolis
Comparison of the financial attractiveness among prospective offshore wind parks in selected European countries
Thomas  Prässler, Jan SchächtelePrassler
The Poverty Implications of High Oil prices in South Africa
Margaret  Chitiga, Ismaél Fofana, Rasmos MabuguChitiga


On Intra- and Intergenerational Equities in Energy-Climate Policy Modeling
Akira Maeda, Makiko NagayaMaeda
A Comparison of Key Energy Policy Uncertainties: Expert Beliefs versus Model Parameters
Will Usher, Neil StrachanUsher 


Quantifying the impact of setback limits on the deployment of wind farms in Australia
Luke Reedman, Thomas Brinsmead, Stuart WoodmanReedman



Developing An Energy Based Poverty Line for South Africa
Marcel Kohler, Bruce Rhodes,  Claire VermaakRhodes


Methodology to allocate CO2 emission reduction derived from electricity trading. The case of Colombia and Latin American countries
Roberto Delgado, Angela Cadena, Federico Jaramillo, Diana PerezDelgado

Natural Gas

Energy Efficiency

Energy Demand


Chair: Tom Alfstad Chair: Brian P. O Gallachoir Chair: Takayuki Takeshita Chair: Massimo Tavoni
Global climate change mitigation and EU energy security: the role of risky natural gas supplies
Amit Kanudia, Rocco De Miglio, Maurizio Gargiulo, Raffaella Gerboni, Maryse Labriet,  Evasio Lavagno, Richard Loulou, Laura Schranz,  GianCarlo TosatoKanudia
Energy Savings Potential In Hungarian Public Buildings.  Scenarios For 2030 And Beyond
Katarina Korytarova, Diana Ürge-VorsatzKorytarova
Global Warming and electricity demand In a rapidly growing city of delhi
Eshita  Gupta        Gupta
The role of CCS under different climate targets in Europe.
Tom Kober  Kober
Market Entry and Vertical Integration in Natural Gas Markets
Vigen NikogosianNikogosian
Lifecycle Energy Efficiency of Fossil-Based Energy Services: Global and Regional Trends and Scenarios Analysis
Sonia Yeh, Gouri Shankar Mishra, Geoff Morrison, Jacob Teter, Raul Quiceno, Kenneth GillinghamprMishra
Modelling Monthly Electricity Demand: Interaction Between monthly econometric and daily time series.
Antoni Espasa, Josè RamònEspasa


Economic Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Storage under Uncertainty: A Real Option Analysis
Daiju Narita, Gernot KlepperNarita
The future of the natural gas pipeline system in the UK
Paul Dodds, Will McDowall       McDowall


Impact of power plant retirement policies in Kazakhstan: an assessment with
Aiymgul Ismagulova, Diyar Tokmurzin, Kanat Baigarin, Yerbol Sarbassov, Zhanel Karina, , Rocco De Miglio, GianCarlo TosatoTokmurzin
Periodic modelling in a highly dynamic sector: The case of updating Long Term Mitigation Scenarios (LTMS) MARKAL model in the residential sector of South Africa
Mamahloko Senatla  Senatla
Power system and Carbon capture under Climate policy: A water impact analysis with TIAM-FR
Sandrine Selosse, Stephanie Bouckaert, Edi Assoumou,  Nadia MaiziSelosse


Scenario Analysis

Promoting Renewables


Climate Mitigation

Chair: Joe de Carolis Chair: Alan Brent Chair: Alison Hughes Chair: Florian Kraxner
Energy Outlook for Mozambique 2012-2030 – LEAP-based scenarios for energy demand and power generation
Gilberto Mahumane, Peter Mulder, David Nadaud
Modelling policy instruments in energy system models: analysis of the interactions between emission trading and promotion of renewable electricity in Germany
Birgit Götz, Alfred Voß, Markus Blesl, Ulrich Fahl  Gotz
Cost-Efficient Decarbonisation of Spanish Private Road Transportation: Biofuels vs. Electric Cars
Àlvaro López-Peña, Pedro Linares, Ignacio Pérez-ArriagaLopez Pena
The Role of Proactive Adaptation in International Climate Change Mitigation Agreements
Kelly de Bruin, Hans-Peter Weikard, Rob DellinkDeBruin
The German “Energiewende“ A Scenario Analysis
Thiemo Pesch, Dag Martinsen, Heidi Heinrichs, J.Friedrich HakePesch


A Market Based Model for Determining the Investment Benchmark of Renewable Energy Projects in South Africa
John Fay, Umesh Kumar  prFay
The French biofuel policies under cost uncertainty a robust optimization approach
Stéphane Tchung-Ming, Daphné LorneTchungMing
Climate Change Mitigation:Don’t forget about agriculture!
Alessandro Chiodi, Maurizio Gargiulio, Brian P. Ó GallachóirChiodi