Day 3


* Below are links to the papers and presentations using the presenter’s surname. The presentations are prefixed with ‘pr’.

Plenary speakers:

  • Kate Calvin – Asia modelling exercise prCalvin
  • Alex Glaser – Nuclear
  • Erica Johnson – Eskom Planning prJohnson

South African Energy modelling
Road Transportation
Climate Mitigation
Chair: Peter Mulder Chair: Farid Gasmi Chair: Bob Van der Zwaan Chair: Randall Spalding-Fetcher
A regional TIMES Model for application in Gauteng, South Africa
Jan Tomaschek, Audrey Dobbins, Ulrich Fahl


Levelling carbon prices domestically or internationally in a world with fragmented carbon markets: An applied general equilibrium analysis
Elisa Lanzi, Jean Chateau, Rob Dellink


Profiling the Vehicle Parc in a Complex Region where Data is Sparse “ The Case of Nigeria”
Adrian Stone                          


Taiwan’s GHG Mitigation Potentials and Costs: An Evaluation with the MARKAL Model
Miao-Shan Tsai, Ssu-li Chang


Modelling emissions in South Africa: how modelling updates have impacted emissions pathways
Alison Hughes, Bruno Merven, Andrew Marquard Hughes
Economic and Environmental Impacts of a Clean Energy Standard in the US
Geoffrey Blanford, James Merrick, David Young BlanfordprBlanford
Assessing the effects of internalizing externalities on the road transport sector
Takayuki Takeshita  Takeshita
When Starting with the Most Expensive Option Makes Sense: Use and Misuse of Marginal Abatement Cost Curves
Adrien Vogt-Schilb, Stephane Hallegatte VogtSchilbprVogt
Quantifying South Africa’s Climate Policy
Andrew Marquard, Alison Hughes, Bruno Merven, James Thurlow, Tara Caetano, Alfred Moyo, Rob DaviesCaetano
Economic impacts of EU air pollution policies in relation to climate policies
Johannes  Bollen, Corjan BrinkBollen
Electrification of the Canadian road transportation sector: A 2050 outlook with TIMES-Canada
Kathleen Vaillancourt, Olivier Bahn, Mathilde Marcy, Jean-Philippe WaaubVaillancourtprVaillancourt
Assessing Potential Security, Investment and Economic Benefits Arising from US Climate Action Policies
Gary Goldstein, Pat Delaquil, Hal Nelson, Tomas Peterson, Stephen Roe, Adam Rose, Dan Wei, and Jeffery WennbergGoldstein
Transport: Alternatives
Integrated Assessment Models
Chair: Asami Miketa Chair: Tom Rutherford Chair: Philip Goyns Chair: GianCarlo Tosato
Nuclear fuel cycle options for climate change mitigation
Adriana Marcucci, Hal TurtonMarcucci
Environmental impacts of Phasing out Energy Subsidies: the Role of Pollutant Substitution
Davood Manzoor, Iman HaqiqiManzoorprManzoor
Economic Competitiveness of Battery Electric Vehicles with V2G Technology in the Portuguese Market
Pedro Coimbra e Costa, Filipe MouraCoimbra-CostaprCoimbraeCosta
Soft coupling between the integrated assessment models PAGE and TIAM-UCL: climate change damage function and greenhouse gas emissions abatement costs.
Olivier Dessens, Gabrial AnandarajahDessens
Impact of the German nuclear phase-out on European electricity supply
Mikael Odenberger, Thomas Unger,  Filip JohnssonOdenbergerprJohnsson
Economic growth and pollution with different assumptions on the marginal disutility of pollution
Carlo Orecchia, Maria Elisabetta TessitoreOrecchiaprOrecchia
When and How to Decarbonize the Transport Sector?
Bob van der Zwaan, Ilkka Keppo,  Filip Johnsson, (Hilke Rosler)Rosler prRosler
The role of aerosol emission and control for achieving ambitious climate protection targets
Jessica Strefler, Gunnar Luderer, Elmar Kriegler:Strefler
Environmental Policy: An Evolutionary Perspective
Lorenzo Cerda       CerdaprCerda
Effects of the low nuclear policy on technology competitiveness among next generation vehicles in Japan
Eiichi Endo                                   EndoprEndo
Determinants of 21st Century Energy Security using Systems Thinking Principles
William Nel, Nalini Sooknanan PillayNel
Economics of Oil
Behavioural aspects in transport
Chair: Sonwabo Damba Chair: Margaret Chitiga Chair: Adrian Stone
Negative emissions and ambitious climate policies in a second best world:  A general equilibrium assessment of technology options in the electricity sector
Ruben Bibas, Aurélie Méjean                           MejeanprMejean
Demand for Gasoline Is More Price-Inelastic than Commonly Thought
Tomas Havranek, Zuzana Irsova, Karel JandaHavranekprHavranek
Constant Travel Budgets and Kilometres: the impact of deviations on energy use and climate policy
Thomas Longden   LongdenprLongden
Least-cost network evaluation of centralized and decentralized contributions to global electrification
Todd Levin, Valerie M. ThomasLevin
Imperfect Cartelization in OPEC
Samuel Jovan Okullo, Frederic ReynesOkulloprOkullo
Modelling Transport Modal Choice and Its Impacts on Climate Mitigation
Hannah Daly, Kalai Ramea, Alessandro Chiodi, Sonia Yeh, Maurizio Gargiulio, Brian P. O GallachoirDalyprHDaly